Ocean City, NJ Schools
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About Us

The community of Ocean City is located on a barrier island off the coast of southern New Jersey. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and a bay with marshes to the west. Atlantic City is to the north and Cape May, the southern tip of New Jersey, is thirty miles south. A primary, intermediate and high school deliver a contemporary education to approximately 2,200 students.


Mission Statement

The Ocean City School District is committed to excellence.  The Ocean City School District also provides a learning environment in which all students learn the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become responsible contributing citizens in a changing global community.


District Goals

1.Improve academic performance for all students.

2.Improve communication between all segments of the community, including the Sending Districts.

3.Improve financial cost effectiveness.


We believe:

·    All students can learn.  The goals, expectations, and aspirations to be realized through the schools are the same for all students.  However, all students are not the same.  They have different talents and abilities, interests and emotions, strengths and weaknesses.  For each individual, we desire an educational system that will both stimulate and urge the full development of potential.  We must, therefore, provide considerable choice and flexibility for each student together with basic requirements.

·    All teachers share in the responsibility for developing an educational system that stimulates and nurtures the full development of all students.

·    An important purpose of education is to instill a life-long desire to learn.  Learning enriches the quality of life.

·    Positive attitudes produce positive results.

·    High expectations foster greater student achievement.

·    Students learn best in a trusting, caring, nurturing, and safe environment.

·    Effective teaching provides a variety of learning experiences.

·    The acquisition of life skills and higher order thinking is essential to prepare the student for the challenges of adulthood in a technological society.

·    Parents, educators, and all community members are partners in the education of the community's children.

·    The understanding and acceptance of diversity contributes to the enhancement of society.

·    Education is worth the investment.