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Wilson Reading

OCHS offers students the Wilson Reading Program. This program is a reading and writing program designed for students with dyslexia or language-based difficulties. It teaches students decoding and encoding (spelling) skills. Click on the link to read more about what areas Wilson focuses on and other information for the Wilson Program.

NJ Agencies/Resources
Cape May County Department of Human Resources


Cape May County Office of Disability Services
Cape May County Special Olympics

Center for Independent Living
Community Mental Health Agency
County Paratransit System

NJ Bureau of Guardianship Services

NJ Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
NJ Commission on Higher Education
NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (NJ DDD)
NJ Division of Disability Services (NJDDS)



NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitative Services (NJ DVRS)
NJ Division of Youth and Family Services (NJ DYFS)
NJ Transit Access Link
Social Security Administration (SSA)